Schools Programmes

We have developed an excellent range of schools programmes that we can customise or tailor our programmes to meet the needs of the individual school and classes.

Our current programmes take place over 5 weeks

Week 1: Introduction & Warm Up Game 1

  • Warm Up Game
  • Putting – set up and allingment
  • Through the gates & Compass Drill
  • Chipping- set up & understanding loft
  • Under the fence & The Ladder game in teams

Week 2: Introduction & Warm Up Games 2

  • Warm Up Game
  • Pitching – set up and swing length
  • Angry Birds Challenge & Over the Bar
  • Full Swing – set up, the difference between pitching and hitting it further
  • Down the Runway a team game based on accuracy and loft

Week 3: On Course Lesson

  • Warm Up Game
  • Coach will demonstrate how to play a hole, e.g teeing it up, hitting the shot, a chip & putt. Particular emphasis will be on saftey and playing in turn.
  • No score to be kept just explore, learn and fun.

Week 4: Golf Olympics 

  • Warm Up Game
  • A series of different target games using the skills of chipping, pitching and putting.

Week 5: On Course Challenge

  • Warm Up Game
  • On course challenge, a team game based on completing a series of challenges.

Challenges include:

  • 2 out of 3 shots in the air
  • All three to stay on the fairway
  • No more than 6 putts on the green

We provide golf balls, golf clubs, learning resources and Junior Golf Ireland manuals with all our programmes. Programmes run throughout the year.

For more information or to book, please call Hazel Kavanagh on 087-2954375